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The 1st World Mind Sports Games XiangQi Rapid Men:Games
Match DateRoundRedResultBlackGameMovesOpeningViewsLast Update
200810034Lv LiangCheng2+0Chen ZhaoRongView63Pawn VS Elbow Cannon26002009-01-17 20:34:58
200810034Chen ZhaoRong0-2Lv LiangChengView56Pawn opening VS Elephant23562009-01-17 20:34:37
200810034Jiang Chuan2+0Mou HaiQinView81Central Cannon VS Sandwich Horses defence,others43452009-01-17 20:33:55
200810034Chen LiFeng2+0NGUYEN Vu QuanView85Central Cannon Pawn Rank chaRiot VS Screen Horses Edge Cannon for chaRiot exchange33602009-01-17 20:33:08
200810034Deng QingZhong0-2Jiang ZhongHaoView138Pawn Right Horse VS Pawn Right Horse23022009-01-17 20:31:43
200810034Jiang ZhongHao0-2Deng QingZhongView805th & 7th Cannons VS Screen Horses 3th Pawn24352009-01-17 20:31:19
200810034Kumano Kazunobu1=1Viktor ShevchukView79Central Cannon VS Right Horse21302009-01-17 20:30:43
200810034Viktor Shevchuk2+0Kumano KazunobuView42Elephant opening VS Right Central Cannon22532009-01-17 20:30:14
200810034Zorin Daniil0-2Galochkin SergeyView2621862009-01-17 20:29:37
200810034Galochkin Sergey2+0Zorin DaniilView45Central Cannon,others23682009-01-17 20:28:29
200810034He ChenJian2+0Andreas KLEINView57Central Cannon VS Single Horse defence24542009-01-17 20:27:47
200810034Andreas KLEIN0-2He ChenJianView50Ranked chaRiot Same Direction Cannon21972009-01-17 20:27:02
200810033Nguyen ThanhBao2+0YuKuaiView50Central Cannon,others42252009-01-10 10:09:42
200810033YuKuai0-2Nguyen ThanhBaoView44Central Cannon,others31922009-01-10 10:09:17
200810033Pu FangYao2+0Galochkin SergeyView51Opposite Direction Cannon 3rd Pawn Opposite Direction Cannon Left Cannon Blockade24932009-01-10 10:08:46
200810033Jiang Chuan2+0Lv LiangChengView69Central Cannon VS Right Horse34492009-01-10 10:08:12
200810033Lv LiangCheng0-2Jiang ChuanView76Pawn VS Elbow Cannon34772009-01-10 10:07:48
200810033Lin Junwei0-2Yang ChunMianView78Central Cannon 7th Pawn VS Screen Horses Advance Adviser23182009-01-10 10:07:09
200810033Xu HaoHua2+0He ChenJianView61Horse VS 7th Pawn22392009-01-10 10:06:24
200810033Zhang GaoYang0-2Kang DeRong(KNG TER YONG)View90Central Cannon Pawn Rank chaRiot VS Screen Horses Edge Cannon for chaRiot exchange20372009-01-10 10:05:23
200810033Hsu Wei Kuo0-2Jiang ZhongHaoView54Central Cannon 8th file Horses VS Screen Horses defence24742009-01-09 00:45:26
200810033NGUYEN Vu Quan2+0Chen ZhaoRongView63Pawn VS Pawn Right Horse31742009-01-09 00:44:33
200810033Chen ZhaoRong1=1NGUYEN Vu QuanView61Pawn Left Central Cannon VS Elbow Cannon Left Elephant25732009-01-09 00:44:05
200810033Deng MingGao0-2Chen LiFengView64Filed chaRiot Same Direction Cannon Ranked chaRiot31362009-01-09 00:43:18
200810033Wang Yang2+0Huang XueQianView75Pawn Elbow Cannon VS Pawn Left Cannon32262009-01-09 00:42:19
200810033Huang XueQian0-2Wang YangView78Central Cannon VS Sandwich Horses defence,others33722009-01-09 00:41:16
200810033Ji JiaQing2+0Ye RongGuangView77Boxed chaRiot Same Direction Cannon30762009-01-09 00:40:41
200810033Jiang ZhongHao2+0Hsu Wei KuoView61Filed chaRiot Same Direction Cannon Ranked chaRiot26172009-01-09 00:39:42
200810033Chen LiFeng2+0Deng MingGaoView80Pawn Right Horse VS Elephant21282009-01-09 00:39:05
200810032Kang DeRong(KNG TER YONG)0-2Jiang ChuanView109Elephant VS Left Cross Palace Cannon opening36762009-01-03 13:19:02
200810032Jiang Chuan2+0Kang DeRong(KNG TER YONG)View57Central Cannon VS Sandwich Horses defence,others42282009-01-03 13:18:40
200810032Zhu Shijie0-2NGUYEN Vu QuanView64Palcorner Cannon,others29032009-01-03 13:18:16
200810032NGUYEN Vu Quan2+0Zhu ShijieView47Pawn Right Horse VS Elephant23712009-01-03 13:17:42
200810032Wang Yang2+0Feng DanView48Pawn opening VS Elephant27132009-01-03 13:16:38
200810032Pu FangYao2+0Volodymyr KorsView53Filed chaRiot Same Direction Cannon Ranked chaRiot25292009-01-03 13:16:02
200810032Xu HaoHua0-2Deng QingZhongView52Horse VS 7th Pawn22302009-01-03 13:14:37
200810032He ZhiMin2+0He ChenJianView97Cross Palace Cannon VS Ranked chaRiot26462009-01-03 13:13:49
200810032RA MO0-2Nguyen ThanhBaoView72Patrolling Cannon86792009-01-02 09:16:12
200810032Ji JiaQing2+0Lin JunweiView49Filed chaRiot Same Direction Cannon Ranked chaRiot31532009-01-02 09:15:32
200810032Huang XueQian2+0Jiang ZhongHaoView98Central Cannon 8th file Horses VS Screen Horses defence26102009-01-02 09:14:35
200810032Feng Dan0-2Wang YangView80Horse VS 7th Pawn27042009-01-02 09:12:25
200810032Deng QingZhong2+0Xu HaoHuaView63Elephant VS 3th Pawn21652009-01-02 09:11:48
200810032Chen LiFeng0-2Lv LiangChengView84Central Cannon VS Sandwich Horses defence,others24372009-01-02 09:11:26
200810032Andreas KLEIN0-2Yamanaka JojiView52Ranked chaRiot Same Direction Cannon22762009-01-02 09:10:41
200810031Zhou ShiJie2+0Chen RongView115Elephant opening VS Left Central Cannon26302008-11-01 19:16:17
200810031Zhang GaoYang0-2Xu HaoHuaView111Central Cannon Pawn Rank chaRiot VS Screen Horses Edge Cannon for chaRiot exchange22212008-11-01 19:15:46
200810031YuKuai0-2Chen FaZuoView50Central Cannon,others25032008-11-01 19:15:21
200810031Xu HaoHua2+0Zhang GaoYangView75Horse VS 7th Pawn22002008-11-01 19:14:54
200810031Mou HaiQin2+0Pu FangYaoView75Pawn VS Pawn Right Horse21252008-11-01 19:14:21
200810031Lv LiangCheng2+0Ji JiaQingView73Pawn VS Right Horse21872008-11-01 19:13:16
200810031He ZhiMin2+0Hsu Wei KuoView715th & 8th Cannons VS Screen Horses24772008-11-01 19:12:52
200810031Feng Dan2+0Yin XianYunView220Horse opening,others22362008-11-01 19:12:15
200810031Wang Yang2+0Zorin DaniilView41Cross Palace Cannon,others37082008-10-27 00:30:07
200810031NGUYEN Vu Quan2+0Andreas KLEINView43Central Cannon VS Sandwich Horses defence,others31762008-10-27 00:29:01
200810031Chen Rong2+0Zhu ShijieView203Pawn opening VS Elephant24252008-10-27 00:27:27
200810031Chen LiFeng0-2Lin JunweiView47Ranked chaRiot Same Direction Cannon24212008-10-27 00:26:50
200810031Zorin Daniil0-2Wang YangView56Pawn VS Right Horse26692008-10-27 00:26:19
200810031Galochkin Sergey0-2Yamanaka JojiView52Ranked chaRiot Same Direction Cannon24382008-10-27 00:25:46
200810039Nguyen ThanhBao0-2Jiang ChuanView1325th & 8th Cannons VS Screen Horses67452008-10-11 18:29:59
200810039Jiang Chuan0-2Nguyen ThanhBaoView94Pawn Elbow Cannon VS Pawn Right Cannon67512008-10-11 18:28:54
200810039Wang Yang2+0NGUYEN Vu QuanView69Central Cannon Pawn Rank chaRiot VS Screen Horses Edge Cannon for chaRiot exchange66532008-10-06 17:27:00
200810039NGUYEN Vu Quan0-2Wang YangView68Central Cannon 8th file Horses VS Screen Horses defence61982008-10-06 16:40:46
200810032Mou HaiQin2+0Ye RongGuangView104Elephant opening VS Right Central Cannon32772008-10-06 16:14:31
200810033Wang Yang2+0Huang XueQianView75Pawn Elbow Cannon VS Pawn Left Cannon35682008-10-06 16:11:16
200810033Huang XueQian0-2Wang YangView142Central Cannon VS Sandwich Horses defence,others39952008-10-06 16:10:31
200810035Jiang Chuan1=1Wang YangView174Central Cannon Pawn Rank chaRiot VS Screen Horses Edge Cannon for chaRiot exchange47742008-10-06 16:08:43
200810036NGUYEN Vu Quan0-2Jiang ChuanView50Central Cannon Pawn Rank chaRiot VS Screen Horses Edge Cannon for chaRiot exchange56652008-10-06 15:58:52
200810038Wang Yang2+0Kang DeRong(KNG TER YONG)View47Central Cannon VS Sandwich Horses defence,others42272008-10-06 15:51:51
200810038Kang DeRong(KNG TER YONG)1=1Wang YangView85Elephant opening VS Palcorner Cannon27962008-10-06 15:33:38
200810037Zhao RuQuan0-2Wang YangView62Central Cannon VS Sandwich Horses defence,others45322008-10-06 11:52:51
200810037Jiang Chuan2+0Jiang ZhongHaoView107Pawn Right Horse VS Pawn Right Horse38162008-10-06 11:42:38
200810036NGUYEN Vu Quan1=1Jiang ChuanView705th & 7th Cannons VS Screen Horses 3th Pawn37122008-10-05 21:27:52
200810035Wang Yang1=1Jiang ChuanView69Central CannonPawn Rank chaRiot VS Screen Horses 3rd & 7th Pawn39102008-10-05 21:27:11
200810034NGUYEN Vu Quan2+0Chen LiFengView97Pawn opening VS Elephant32822008-10-05 21:26:20
200810034Mou HaiQin2+0Jiang ChuanView31Pawn Left Central Cannon VS Elbow Cannon Left Elephant43352008-10-05 21:25:38
200810033Chen FaZuo0-2He ZhiMinView58Central Cannon VS Sandwich Horses defence,others29382008-10-05 21:24:46
200810033He ZhiMin2+0Chen FaZuoView91Central Cannon VS Right Horse Advance Adviser28252008-10-05 21:23:49
200810031Jiang Chuan2+0Zhao RuQuanView143Central CannonPawn Rank chaRiot VS Screen Horses 3rd & 7th Pawn54362008-10-05 01:12:47
200810031Zhao RuQuan0-2Jiang ChuanView745th & 7th Cannons VS Screen Horses 3th Pawn45362008-10-05 01:10:42
200810032Ye RongGuang0-2Mou HaiQinView309Pawn VS Pawn Right Horse35142008-10-05 00:34:47
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