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2016 7th Yang GuangLin Cup XiangQi Open Professional Men's Division:Info Games Rank Pairing Stats
Match DateRoundTableRedResultBlackGameMovesOpeningViewsLast Update
2016090995Yu YouHua2+0CuiGeView55Pawn Left Central Cannon VS Elbow Cannon Left Elephant101422016-09-09 12:28:20
2016090996Wan ChunLin2+0Zhong ShaoHongView53Horse opening,others78042016-09-09 12:28:12
2016090997Shen Peng1=1Zhang XueChaoView51Elephant opening VS Palcorner Cannon29882016-09-09 12:28:04
2016090998Huang ZhuFeng1=1Xie JingView54Elephant opening VS Palcorner Cannon26752016-09-09 12:27:58
2016090999Meng Chen1=1Zhao JinChengView49Filed chaRiot Same Direction Cannon Ranked chaRiot39442016-09-09 12:26:54
20160909910Tao HanMing0-2Zhao WeiView50Central Cannon 7th Pawn VS Screen Horses Advance Adviser105872016-09-09 12:26:48
20160909911Hao JiChao1=1Li HanLinView49Elephant opening VS Right Horse123202016-09-09 12:26:37
20160909912Liu DaHua1=1Lu WeiTaoView99Elephant VS 7th Pawn106242016-09-09 12:26:31
2016090992Xu GuoYi1=1Zhao XinXinView52Central Cannon Pawn Rank chaRiot VS Screen Horses with RB Horse40942016-09-09 10:46:20
2016090994Zheng WeiTong1=1Wang YangView50Elephant VS 7th Pawn42752016-09-09 10:39:39
2016090993Jiang Chuan1=1Xu ChaoView605th & 7th Cannons VS Screen Horses 3th Pawn28092016-09-09 10:36:47
2016090991Hong Zhi1=1Wang TianYiView44Elephant opening VS Palcorner Cannon59732016-09-09 09:47:35
20160908812Li HanLin2+0Liu DaHuaView85Central Cannon Pawn Rank chaRiot VS Screen Horses with RB Horse61992016-09-09 00:24:19
20160908811Shen Peng2+0Tao HanMingView57Opposite Direction Cannon 3rd Pawn Opposite Direction Cannon Left Cannon Blockade56712016-09-09 00:24:13
20160908810Zhao Wei1=1Hao JiChaoView52Elephant opening VS Palcorner Cannon20942016-09-09 00:24:04
2016090889Wan ChunLin1=1Meng ChenView94Elephant opening VS Left Horse21462016-09-09 00:23:58
2016090888Yu YouHua2+0Lu WeiTaoView41Elephant opening VS Left Central Cannon41602016-09-09 00:23:50
2016090887Zhong ShaoHong1=1Huang ZhuFengView77Elephant VS Left Cross Palace Cannon opening18342016-09-09 00:23:42
2016090886CuiGe1=1Zhao JinChengView50Elephant opening VS Palcorner Cannon175212016-09-09 00:23:35
20160908712Meng Chen2+0Li HanLinView88Pawn Left Central Cannon VS Elbow Cannon Right Elephant34032016-09-09 00:22:10
20160908711Liu DaHua0-2Yu YouHuaView152Central Cannon Pawn Rank chaRiot VS Screen Horses Edge Cannon for chaRiot exchange105052016-09-09 00:22:06
20160908710Zhao Wei1=1Shen PengView49Elephant opening VS Right Horse17382016-09-09 00:22:01
2016090879Xie Jing2+0Tao HanMingView47Opposite Direction Cannon 3rd Pawn Opposite Direction Cannon Left Cannon Blockade40592016-09-09 00:21:55
2016090878Zhao JinCheng1=1Wan ChunLinView45Pawn VS Pawn16702016-09-09 00:21:47
2016090877Lu WeiTao1=1Zhong ShaoHongView48Central Cannon 8th file Horses VS Screen Horses defence17142016-09-09 00:21:40
20160907611Tao HanMing2+0Liu DaHuaView97Pawn Right Central Cannon VS Elbow Cannon96282016-09-09 00:20:21
2016090876Huang ZhuFeng1=1CuiGeView42Central Cannon 8th file Horses VS Screen Horses defence15882016-09-09 00:07:44
2016090883Zhang XueChao0-2Hong ZhiView108Central Cannon VS Sandwich Horses defence,others58732016-09-08 18:50:14
2016090881Wang TianYi2+0Xie JingView197Elephant VS 7th Pawn150902016-09-08 18:49:32
2016090882Zhao XinXin1=1Jiang ChuanView91Elephant opening VS Palcorner Cannon33032016-09-08 17:20:34
2016090885Xu Chao1=1Zheng WeiTongView51Central Cannon 8th file Horses VS Screen Horses defence30022016-09-08 17:19:37
2016090884Wang Yang1=1Xu GuoYiView525th & 7th Cannons VS Screen Horses 3th Pawn23392016-09-08 17:18:52
2016090872Zheng WeiTong0-2Zhao XinXinView200Pawn Left Central Cannon VS Elbow Cannon Left Elephant154372016-09-08 12:13:21
2016090874Wang Yang1=1Zhang XueChaoView71Central Cannon 8th file Horses VS Screen Horses defence22542016-09-08 11:32:23
2016090873Xu GuoYi1=1Xu ChaoView43Elephant opening VS Palcorner Cannon18052016-09-08 11:29:45
2016090871Jiang Chuan1=1Wang TianYiView57Central Cannon River Rank chaRiot VS Screen Horses defence55892016-09-08 11:27:10
2016090875Hao JiChao0-2Hong ZhiView46Elephant opening VS Left Central Cannon117652016-09-08 09:45:29
20160907612Zhong ShaoHong2+0Li HanLinView85Elephant opening VS Left Central Cannon42092016-09-07 21:55:32
20160907610Hong Zhi2+0Meng ChenView60Pawn Right Central Cannon VS Elbow Cannon65282016-09-07 21:55:03
2016090768CuiGe1=1Hao JiChaoView50Central Cannon VS Sandwich Horses defence,others201912016-09-07 21:54:34
2016090767Yu YouHua0-2Wang YangView89Elephant VS Left Cross Palace Cannon opening40602016-09-07 21:54:15
2016090765Wan ChunLin1=1Xie JingView50Central Cannon 8th file Horses VS Screen Horses defence17702016-09-07 21:53:57
2016090764Zhao JinCheng1=1Lu WeiTaoView50Elephant opening VS Palcorner Cannon16932016-09-07 21:53:17
20160907512Li HanLin0-2Tao HanMingView68Elephant VS 8nd Cross Palace Cannon opening28642016-09-07 21:52:49
20160907510Hong Zhi1=1Liu DaHuaView104Cross Palace Cannon,others23522016-09-07 21:52:42
2016090759Xie Jing1=1Zhao JinChengView50Pawn VS Palcorner Cannon19092016-09-07 21:52:32
2016090758Lu WeiTao1=1Shen PengView46Elephant VS 7th Pawn17452016-09-07 21:52:23
2016090757Hao JiChao1=1Wan ChunLinView46Elephant VS 3th Pawn115552016-09-07 21:52:11
2016090756Zhao Wei1=1Yu YouHuaView325th & 8th Cannons VS Sandwich Horses defence18452016-09-07 21:52:03
2016090754Zhang XueChao1=1Xu GuoYiView50Elephant opening VS Palcorner Cannon16322016-09-07 21:51:49
2016090762Wang TianYi2+0Huang ZhuFengView93Elephant opening VS Right Horse116222016-09-07 17:41:32
2016090769Zhao XinXin2+0Zhao WeiView91Elephant opening VS Left Central Cannon54622016-09-07 17:24:08
2016090766Shen Peng0-2Xu GuoYiView50Central Cannon Pawn Rank chaRiot VS Screen Horses with RB Horse53512016-09-07 16:52:36
2016090763Xu Chao1=1Zhang XueChaoView52Elephant opening VS Palcorner Cannon18512016-09-07 15:54:06
2016090761Jiang Chuan1=1Zheng WeiTongView61Central Cannon 8th file Horses VS Screen Horses defence38752016-09-07 15:53:28
20160907511Meng Chen1=1Zhong ShaoHongView58Central Cannon VS Single Horse defence22112016-09-07 13:52:50
2016090751Zheng WeiTong1=1Wang TianYiView133Pawn Left Central Cannon VS Elbow Cannon Left Elephant93672016-09-07 13:49:22
2016090753Wang Yang0-2Jiang ChuanView133Central CannonPawn Rank chaRiot VS Screen Horses 3rd & 7th Pawn75352016-09-07 11:57:38
2016090752Huang ZhuFeng1=1Xu ChaoView47Elephant opening VS Palcorner Cannon17792016-09-07 10:41:43
2016090755Zhao XinXin1=1CuiGeView60Elephant VS Left Cross Palace Cannon opening21442016-09-07 10:40:59
20160906412Tao HanMing0-2Hong ZhiView52Palcorner Cannon,others109622016-09-07 00:43:29
20160906411Liu DaHua1=1Meng ChenView96Elephant VS 7th Pawn117902016-09-07 00:43:22
20160906410Wan ChunLin2+0Li HanLinView61Elephant opening VS Left Central Cannon28732016-09-07 00:43:10
2016090649Zhong ShaoHong1=1Zhao XinXinView98Central Cannon Pawn Rank chaRiot VS Screen Horses Edge Cannon for chaRiot exchange25672016-09-07 00:42:56
2016090648Xu GuoYi1=1Zhao WeiView92Elephant opening VS Left Central Cannon16552016-09-07 00:42:43
2016090647CuiGe1=1Lu WeiTaoView50Elephant opening VS Palcorner Cannon174192016-09-07 00:42:30
2016090646Shen Peng1=1Xie JingView60Elephant opening VS Palcorner Cannon17372016-09-07 00:42:23
2016090641Zheng WeiTong1=1Zhang XueChaoView58Pawn Right Horse VS Pawn Right Horse25632016-09-07 00:42:04
2016090636Hao JiChao2+0Liu DaHuaView93Elephant VS 7th Pawn167832016-09-07 00:39:24
2016090635Xu GuoYi1=1CuiGeView49Elephant opening VS Palcorner Cannon15712016-09-07 00:39:14
2016090634Li HanLin0-2Xu ChaoView50Pawn Left Central Cannon VS Elbow Cannon Left Elephant22662016-09-07 00:39:05
2016090638Huang ZhuFeng2+0Wan ChunLinView37Pawn VS Pawn23132016-09-07 00:38:41
2016090639Zhao JinCheng1=1Shen PengView49Elephant opening VS Right Horse15682016-09-07 00:38:30
20160906310Zhang XueChao2+0Zhong ShaoHongView87Horse opening,others24932016-09-07 00:38:22
20160906312Meng Chen1=1Tao HanMingView65Elephant VS 7th Pawn17492016-09-07 00:38:06
2016090642Jiang Chuan1=1Huang ZhuFengView143Elephant opening VS Right Horse23232016-09-06 17:53:37
2016090644Xu Chao1=1Wang YangView101Elephant VS Left Cross Palace Cannon opening24702016-09-06 17:50:47
2016090645Yu YouHua1=1Zhao JinChengView80Elephant opening VS Palcorner Cannon19932016-09-06 17:03:16
2016090643Wang TianYi2+0Hao JiChaoView77Elephant VS Left Cross Palace Cannon opening143162016-09-06 16:37:08
2016090633Zhao Wei1=1Jiang ChuanView188Central Cannon 8th file Horses VS Screen Horses defence21762016-09-06 13:12:00
20160906311Zhao XinXin2+0Hong ZhiView139Elephant opening VS Left Horse75172016-09-06 11:49:08
2016090632Lu WeiTao0-2Zheng WeiTongView122Central Cannon 8th file Horses VS Screen Horses defence75762016-09-06 11:41:50
2016090631Wang Yang1=1Wang TianYiView50Elephant opening VS Palcorner Cannon45142016-09-06 11:05:20
2016090637Xie Jing1=1Yu YouHuaView58Central Cannon 8th file Horses VS Screen Horses defence20242016-09-06 11:04:37
20160905212Wan ChunLin2+0Tao HanMingView77Elephant VS 3th Pawn43652016-09-05 21:53:42
20160905210Xu Chao1=1Zhao WeiView49Central Cannon VS Left 3-step Tiger defence21792016-09-05 21:53:31
2016090528CuiGe1=1Li HanLinView40Elephant opening VS Right Horse184702016-09-05 21:53:15
2016090525Shen Peng1=1Hao JiChaoView50Elephant opening VS Palcorner Cannon21872016-09-05 21:53:00
2016090524Yu YouHua1=1Huang ZhuFengView47Elephant opening VS Palcorner Cannon17732016-09-05 21:52:50
2016090522Zhang XueChao1=1Zhao JinChengView50Elephant opening VS Right Horse19452016-09-05 21:52:31
2016090519Lu WeiTao2+0Wan ChunLinView70Central Cannon 8th file Horses VS Screen Horses defence25132016-09-05 21:09:22
20160905110Huang ZhuFeng1=1Shen PengView525th & 7th Cannons VS Screen Horses 3th Pawn18022016-09-05 21:09:16
20160905111Xie Jing1=1Zhang XueChaoView99Central Cannon 8th file Horses VS Screen Horses defence18642016-09-05 21:09:03
20160905112Zhao JinCheng1=1Zhong ShaoHongView66Pawn Right Horse VS Pawn Right Horse15882016-09-05 21:08:46
2016090517Hao JiChao1=1Yu YouHuaView60Central Cannon VS Sandwich Horses defence,others124182016-09-05 21:06:59
2016090516Xu GuoYi1=1Hong ZhiView86Pawn Left Central Cannon VS Elbow Cannon Left Elephant19292016-09-05 21:05:37
2016090515Wang Yang1=1Liu DaHuaView96Elephant opening VS Left Central Cannon22442016-09-05 21:05:29
2016090513Meng Chen1=1CuiGeView66Elephant VS Left Cross Palace Cannon opening20182016-09-05 21:03:00
20160905211Wang TianYi2+0Zhao XinXinView197Pawn Left Central Cannon VS Elbow Cannon Left Elephant155372016-09-05 18:10:42
2016090526Liu DaHua1=1Xu GuoYiView153Pawn Left Central Cannon VS Elbow Cannon Left Elephant130132016-09-05 17:57:24
2016090527Hong Zhi0-2Wang YangView150Pawn Left Central Cannon VS Elbow Cannon Left Elephant52312016-09-05 17:52:34
2016090529Zheng WeiTong2+0Meng ChenView125Elephant opening VS Left Central Cannon85872016-09-05 17:38:05
2016090521Jiang Chuan1=1Lu WeiTaoView98Pawn Left Central Cannon VS Elbow Cannon Left Elephant22832016-09-05 17:22:31
2016090523Zhong ShaoHong1=1Xie JingView62Elephant VS Left Cross Palace Cannon opening19912016-09-05 16:53:44
2016090511Zhao XinXin1=1Xu ChaoView72Elephant VS Left Cross Palace Cannon opening23972016-09-05 13:25:35
2016090512Zhao Wei1=1Wang TianYiView101Central Cannon RB Cannon VS Screen Horses47572016-09-05 13:25:00
2016090514Li HanLin1=1Zheng WeiTongView91Horse opening,others31582016-09-05 13:24:08
2016090518Tao HanMing0-2Jiang ChuanView150Palcorner Cannon VS Right Central Cannon63942016-09-05 13:18:54
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