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Player ZhengRenYuan Recent Games:
20170426 ZhangLiuShi 2+0 ZhengRenYuan 2017 China National XiangQi League Trail

Player:ZhengRenYuan History Achievement:
No.End DateCategoryEventsRankingWinDrawLossSuccess(%)PairingPlaceChampion
12018-11-11100442018 National Amateur XiangQi Champion Tournament Final Children male group952266.67PairingJiangSuMengFanRui
22018-08-17100392018 National XiangQi Children and Boys championship Group A (Southern race area)1672461.54PairingJiangSuZhaoZiRui
32018-08-08100392018 Nation Junior Xiangqi and Boys Championships Group D1973365.38PairingSiChuanRenSi
42017-08-18100392017 9th Nation Children and Boys XiangQi championship Group B2053359.09Pairing湖南RenSi
52017-08-09100392017 Nation Junior Xiangqi and Boys Championships Group D3064361.54PairingAnHuiMaYiMing
62017-04-27100022017 China National XiangQi League Trail570010PairingZheJiangJiang FengShan
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