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LinJia'PK LinJia'Opening
Player LinJia Recent Games:
20110725 LinJia 0-2 LiYu 2011 GuangDong Province Junior and Boys U15 Xiangqi Championships
20110725 LinJia 2+0 ZhangWeiYang 2011 GuangDong Province Junior and Boys U15 Xiangqi Championships

Player:LinJia History Achievement:
No.End DateCategoryEventsRankingWinDrawLossSuccess(%)PairingPlaceChampion
12014-05-11100602014 ShanTou,GuangDong Junior and Boys U9 XiangQi Championships7330633.33PairingShanTou,GuangDong
22011-12-11100602011 4th ShanTou,GuangDong Junior and Girls U11 XiangQi QiWang Tournament70060PairingShanTou,GuangDongHuangXin
32011-07-29100592011 GuangDong Province Junior and Boys U15 Xiangqi Championships633164.29PairingZhaoQing,GuangDongLi Yu
42011-05-02100602011 ShanTou,GuangDong Junior and Girls U13 XiangQi Championships330260PairingShanTou,GuangDong
52010-07-28100592010 GuangDong Junior and Boys U15 XiangQi Championships444166.67PairingZhuHai,GuangDongLi Yu
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